Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 08:30 to 12:30
IntercContinental Singapore, Ballroom 1, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966
Workshop Highlights: 

Analytics Education Forum 2016

Research* has consistently shown that analytics is the most significant trend in businesses today. However, a majority also confess that they do not have enough experience and knowledge in applying analytics to business problems.

Are you letting your data work for you? Are you applying analytics effectively to your business to make key decisions?

Proudly into its seventh run, the Analytics Education Forum 2016 is jointly organized bySift Analytics Group and SIM University. Come and find out from the graduating student projects showcasing how data mining and text mining can be applied to recognize subtle patterns and trends, anticipate outcomes, take timely corrective action, and in return, enhance organization performance.

* Next-Generation Predictive Analytics, Ventana Research, June 2015

Event Agenda
9.00am Welcome Speech
by Associate Professor Lee Pui Mun, Dean, School of Business, SIM University
9.15am Opening Presentation
Business Analytics: A Practitioner’s Perspective
In this opening session, Ms. Jess Tan will share her first-hand expertise and knowledge in managing business analytics projects for organizations. She will also share her practical experience in dealing with commonly faced issues when executing business analytics projects across various stages of the project.
9.40am Student Showcase 1
Automatic Retrievals of X-Y Coordinates of Test Pads on Printed Circuit Boards
This project applies Cluster Analysis on circuit board image data so as to retrieve X-Y coordinates of test pads on printed circuit boards---an essential step to speed up reverse engineering process prior to using the automated test equipment for circuit board maintenance.
10.05am Tea Break and Poster Sessions
10.45am Student Showcase 2
A New Approach to Customer Churn Profile Analysis and Characterizations
This project uses visualisation to gain actionable insight into customer purchasing behaviours. These insights help in the formulation of marketing strategies in order to better retain customers who are likely to churn. 
11.10am Student Showcase 3
Text Mining on Online Feedback and Enquiries to Improve Service Delivery
This project uses the IBM Text Analytics application to analyse email enquiries received by the organisation. The key issues derived from the analysis will help the organisation improve their service delivery by understanding the needs of their customers. 

Student Showcase 4
Enhanced Star Coordinate Data Visualization
This project uses the IBM SPSS Modeler application to improve an existing data visualisation method. The implemented solution allows users to draw better insights from complex multi-dimensional data.

12.00pm Closing & Thank You Speech
12.30pm End of Event