Case Management


To thrive in today’s complex business environment, your workforce needs a new way to work and solutions that support dynamic and often unpredictable processes. Empower employees to effectively manage cases, make better decisions and handle high-value exceptions with OnBase – consolidating all the information that surrounds your business processes in one central place. By combining data, documents and processes in a single product, OnBase offers a case management approach to solving business problems, providing organizations with a complete view of all the information they need to complete their work.


Empower employees to work smarter
Support knowledge work by providing employees with a 360-degree view of all case-related information, including data records, documents, emails and history. Log activities. Add updates. Share insights. Delegate tasks. Schedule events. Ensure smooth handoffs and effective collaboration as cases flow toward desired outcomes – whether that’s issue resolution or exceptional customer service.

Don’t rely on faulty human memory, scattered spreadsheets or inefficient paper. With all information managed in one data- and document-centric solution, nothing is lost. Key information and supporting content is instantly accessible to those who need it throughout the entire case – with a full audit history to show for it.


One platform, a spectrum of solutions
OnBase supports unlimited business applications across the organization. Start in one department or process and scale your solution over time. From horizontal solutions to industry-specific applications, OnBase offers the flexibility you need to meet today’s needs while staying well-equipped for future business requirements. And with applications built on top of the powerful OnBase platform, you can leverage native functionality – including document management, capture and security – and enhance solutions with the full OnBase product suite.


See benefits sooner with solutions that are easy to implement, upgrade and maintain
Realize value faster by rapidly developing and deploying smart process applications – whether on-premises or in the OnBase Cloud. A point-and-click configurable platform empowers IT to focus on solving business problems rather than writing code or managing multiple point solutions. Enjoy a lower total cost of ownership with easy implementation, confident upgrades and less time spent on maintenance.


Comprehensive case management support in one ECM product
OnBase natively combines the ability to manage and process your documents and the data that surrounds your critical business processes. Most vendors deliver these capabilities through offerings that integrate multiple, acquired products. OnBase is the only ECM software suite developed from the ground up to deliver this functionality within one product.