Government Healthcare


QlikView for Government Healthcare

Improve Clinical Outcomes, Achieve Medial Readiness and Lower Healthcare Costs

With the modernization of Electronic Health records, many agencies, like the US Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs, are trying to integrate medical information from multiple sources. With QlikView, these agencies can consolidate data from across source systems in a single view that aggregates patient information and helps them to quickly identify a path of care.

Decision Support for Healthcare Providers

More than 1,000 healthcare providers spanning hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and ambulatory services worldwide use to QlikView to overcome Business Discovery challenges and build a true clinical decision support system.

With QlikView, healthcare providers can:

  • Improve patient care through a clinical decision support solution that empowers the joint clinical care team to securely share clinical data, analysis, and insights
  • Improve patient safety from immediate access to consolidated diagnostic information, reducing opportunities for medical errors
  • Ensure trusted and timely regulatory compliance by delivering on key operational, patient safety, and quality of care metrics
  • Provide a single, trusted view of hospital operational performance across a variety of KPI’s from multiple underlying data systems
  • Reduce the variation in care between clinicians by enhancing visibility at all levels of the care pathway, ensuring consistency of care for all patients

Using QlikView, government healthcare providers are reducing the length of patient stays, holding down costs, and reducing re-admissions. Researchers are improving the quality of clinical trials by drilling more deeply into electronic records and spotting anomalies. And, providers are making better, more objective decisions faster using a larger evidence base, driving improved performance and care delivery – and saving more lives.