IBM SPSS Data Preparation

With IBM® SPSS® Data Preparation, you can easily identify suspicious or invalid cases, variables and data values.
You can also view patterns of missing data, summarize variable distributions and more accurately work with algorithms designed for nominal attributes.

SPSS Data Preparation helps:

  • Automate the data preparation process—to eliminate complex, time-consuming manual data preparation.
  • Validate data without manual checks—to perform faster, more accurate data validation.
  • Prevent outliers from skewing analysesto automatically detect anomalies that could corrupt results.

SPSS Data Preparation Screenshots

Automated data preparation
Automated Data Preparation helps users prepare data for analysis by automating tedious and repetitive tasks.
This can improve analysis speed, predictive power and robustness, and enable users to include data that might be excluded in its raw state.


Anomaly detection reason summary
The table summarizes each variable’s role as a primary reason. The variable impact statistics are summarized, with the minimum,
maximum and mean impact reported for each variable, along with the standard deviation for variables that were the reason for more than one case.