IBM SPSS Missing Values

With IBM® SPSS® Missing Values software, you can impute your missing data, draw more valid conclusions and remove hidden bias:

  • Quickly diagnose missing data imputation problems using diagnostic reports.
  • Replace missing data values with estimates using a multiple imputation model.
  • Display and analyze patterns to gain insight and improve data management.

SPSS Missing Values Screenshots


Summary of missing values
The overall summary of missing values displays three pie charts that show different aspects of missing values in the data.
The Variables chart shows that each of the 10 analysis variables has at least one missing value on a case.
The Cases chart shows that 738 of the 1000 cases has at least one missing value on a variable.
The Values chart shows that 1168 of the 10,000 values (cases × variables) are missing.




Missing value patterns
A patterns chart displays missing value patterns for the analysis variables.
Each pattern corresponds to a group of cases with the same pattern of incomplete and complete data.