When you count on two solutions to touch every corner of your enterprise, you expect a lot. Most importantly, you need them to work together seamlessly. Since 2003, OnBase and Lawson have partnered to meet that expectation.

By combining OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) from Hyland and Lawson enterprise resource planning (ERP), you create an integrated solution you can deploy across your entire organization. OnBase streamlines Lawson processes throughout your enterprise by creating a single, central repository for your enterprise’s supporting documents and information. This allows you to connect related documents directly to Lawson so users call them up with a single click of the mouse in Lawson.

OnBase works to complement Lawson Business Process Management by automatically driving your content – like resumes, receipts, customer orders, work orders, invoices, etc. – through your business processes. This enables your employees to focus on higher value tasks, not repetitive ones, saving you time and money throughout your enterprise.

Integrating OnBase and Lawson removes the hassle and pains of manual and paper-based processes by:

  • Reducing fixed costs, improving knowledge sharing and simplifying compliance
  • Providing users and management visibility into process status, decision-making and exception report management
  • Acting as an extension of Lawson, rather than a separate application 
  • Speeding and automating processes in areas across your organization, including supply chain management and QA

Why the Lawson-OnBase partnership matters
As partners, Lawson and Hyland work to ensure our solutions support and strengthen each other. As a Lawson Technology Partner, Hyland maintains a dedicated team of employees in customer support, product development, sales and strategic alliances. Additionally, Hyland’s core industry focus aligns directly with Lawson’s, so it is guaranteed they understand your industry.

To provide a strong and consistent integration with Lawson, Hyland:

  • Attends regular meetings with Lawson to share product strategies and create advantages for our mutual customers
  • Participates in the Lawson development roadmap, ensuring OnBase stays in sync with Lawson functionality and a strong integration remains
  • Provides a consistent solution delivery with a continuous and effortless upgrade path between Lawson and OnBase