Faster, more cost-effective and compliant lending processes
The quicker you respond to customers, the better your chances are to do business with them. OnBase reduces the time, costs and risks involved in the delivery of a loan. It also gives you the ability to approve and close loans faster than your competition.

Audit & Compliance
OnBase routes up-to-date information through your processes, helping lending institutions remain compliant and easily provide documentation to auditors

Commercial Lending
Get ahead of the competition by using folders that store all content surrounding a loan and securely sharing information online

Consumer Lending
Increase the speed and accuracy of your lending process by automatically routing documents and information for review and approval

Mortgage Lending
Shorten the mortgage lending cycle, helping families into homes quicker and profits in the door faster

Streamline Your Lending Process
Automate your lending process to increase your speed and accuracy while decreasing costs