Modeler Premium

Businesses of all types have found that they can use the predictive intelligence of SPSS Modeler to attract customers, strengthen their loyalty, reduce customer attrition or “churn” more cost effectively and reduce risk. Public sector organizations have benefited from using SPSS Modeler to predict workforce capacity, proactively respond to public safety issues, manage the student lifecycle, improve classroom performance and address many other operational challenges.

Using historical data, SPSS Modeler lets you confidently predict outcomes and gain an understanding about the relationships hidden in your data. 
This understanding allows you to solve any business problem faster using powerful, proven analytical techniques that deliver deeper insight into your customers,students or constituents.

But what happens if the majority of your data is trapped in unstructured or textual form – in comments, files or on the web? Modeling with structured 
data alone may provide an incomplete view into your business processes and outcomes.

SPSS Modeler Premium empowers you to tap into the predictive intelligence contained in all forms of data. It goes beyond the analysis of structured
numerical data and includes information from unstructured data, such as web activity, blog content, customer feedback, emails, articles and more to
discover relationships between concepts and sentiments and create the most accurate predictive models possible.

Its entity analytics capabilities enable you to improve the coherence and consistency of current data by resolving identity conflicts within the records themselves.Identity resolution is vital in customer relationship management, fraud detection, anti-money laundering and security.

The social network capabilities in SPSS Modeler Premium transform information about relationships into key performance indicators that show the
social behavior of individuals and groups. You can then identify social leaders who influence the behavior of others in the network. Combine these results with other measures and you can create comprehensive profiles of individuals to base your predictive models.

With SPSS Modeler Premium, you can be more focused and agile in your planning and daily decision making because of its unique combination of capabilities.It enables you to have a better understanding of your organization, the environment in which you operate, your customers and other stakeholders.

These capabilities include:

• Entity analytics. Organizations often combine multiple data sources. But what happens when there is no clear match between records? SPSS Modeler Premium’s entity analytics capabilities let you discover these relationships and deliver non-obvious identity and relationship awareness.It allows you to consolidate records where appropriate – or keep them separate. Entity analytics is critical for border security, detecting fraud and properly identifying criminal suspects. But it is also enormously useful for businesses wanting to avoid presenting different offers to the same person in a marketing campaign or to ensure that you are building accurate models.

• Social network analysis. Discover the relationships among social entities and the resulting implications of these relationships on an individual’s behavior. SPSS Modeler Premium’s social network analysis capabilities are particularly useful for those in telecommunications and other industries concerned about churn. You can identify groups, group leaders and whether others will churn based on their influence. It consists of two capabilities that greatly enhance models to predict churn:

– Group analysis – Identify the groups in the data and who are their leaders.

– Diffusion analysis – Use existing churn information to determine who the current churners are and what will influence them to leave.

• Big data analytics. IBM SPSS Modeler Premium easily integrates with IBM and non-IBM databases, allowing models to be deployed and scored
with greater speed and efficiency. Data can be scored within the database and in real time against transactional data such as high volume sales, customer service and claims transactions.

• IBM Cognos software integration. Analysts can access structured data directly through Cognos Business Intelligence software to quickly and reliably evaluate the likelihood of specific outcomes. You can make predictive intelligence gleaned from a customer view that combines structured and unstructured data available to business users and all stakeholders who rely on Cognos dashboards.

• IBM Netezza functionality. Perform in-database analytics within the Netezza appliance to build and deploy analytic applications that scale to sizes only addressable by supercomputers today.

Additionally, SPSS Modeler Premium can extract insights from text data, enabling organizations to:

• Receive faster, more accurate results when analyzing banking, insurance or advertising text, emoticons and slang with new industry-specific text
  analysis packages and templates.
• Create hierarchical categorization structures to organize concepts more logically and in greater detail.
• Import pre-defined categories, including hierarchical categories, annotations and keyword descriptors and export them to Excel.
• Save hierarchical categories for reuse with an enhanced semantic network grouping technique for category building.
• Extract text faster and more accurately, especially when working with large datasets, by leveraging new industry sensitive semantic networks and
  more efficient use of hardware.
• Define and test rules on sample text before applying them to your data, using the enhanced text link rule editor.