OnBase helps your organization run much faster and more efficiently.

One way OnBase does this is by automating many of the predictable, repeated steps in your processes. By providing useful tools to both search for and work with your information, OnBase also facilitates the tasks and activities involved with case management and human-driven processes. By generating documents based on decisions made within your processes, OnBase saves you time and improves your customer service.

See how OnBase transforms the way your users work.

Business Process Improvement
OnBase optimizes the way documents and data flow through your organization, making your processes run at optimal speed by automating predictable decisions and routing exceptions to the correct individuals

Case Management
Use OnBase to model, design, develop and execute collaborative business process and case management solutions – whether dealing with documents, data, or unstructured information and activities

Working Digitally
With all content available electronically, you can retrieve documents by searching for any word or phrase within them, create and track document revisions, and even sign documents with a signature pad or tablet

Document Composition and Distribution
OnBase automatically generates letters, statements and documents for distribution to your customers, or equips you to send these resources via a CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc