Process Control


Ensure quality control measures are met using OnBase Checklists for Process Control
OnBase Checklists for Process Control allows organizations to meet quality control objectives while ensuring processes are completed. Using an intuitive user interface, organizations can input various policies and procedures, moving the information into an easily accessible checklist format. From here, users can view a policy’s purpose and the specific steps required to fulfill it. By automatically generating electronic checklists and automating the assignment of tasks to specific individuals, the OnBase solution becomes an official record of work.

With OnBase, organizations can:

  • Flag a checklist for review and provide feedback on the process, allowing stakeholders to gain insight into a checklist status, relevant issues and areas for improvement
  • Ensure that all work is completed on time while meeting an expected standard of quality
  • Easily audit the status of policies and procedures while ensuring complete visibility of every record

The scalability and flexibility of OnBase also allow the checklists for process control solution to be quickly implemented. Start in one department and leverage your solution across the enterprise as your time, goals and budget permit.