Storing your important information in one centralized place grants you complete control over it. Your unique records management and retention requirements are now well within your grasp. The storage requirements within OnBase do not add significant or unnecessary expense to the total cost of your solution.

By consolidating all your important content into one system, you solve the problems associated with managing content across a variety of databases, systems and physical storage locations.

Read to learn about the options:

File Storage and Archiving
OnBase can leverage any file system architecture for your online storage requirements, from network-discoverable file servers to SANs and NAS devices

The OnBase Cloud
The OnBase Cloud combines the full ECM functionality of OnBase with the flexibility, scalability and cost-benefits of the cloud

Managing Physical Objects
Not only does OnBase manage your electronic records but it will track and manage your physical records and objects as well – all within one system

Retention and Records Management
Use OnBase to implement your records management and document retention requirements, from creation to destruction, meeting DoD 5015.2 requirements if necessary

Security and Protection
OnBase supports your unique security requirements with single sign-on, data encryption and security protocols