FREE ADMISSION! Predicting Asset Performance with IBM Predictive Maintenance & Quality

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 09:00 to 12:30
9 Changi Business Park Central 1, The IBM Place 486048 Thinkplace CBP2, Level 1, Multi Function Room 1
Workshop Highlights: 

What if you could prevent failures and minimize your asset downtime?

Join us at this exclusive event to learn how asset-intensive organisations are leveraging data and employing predictive analytics to monitor, maintain and optimise their assets for better availability, utilisation and performance.

8.30am Registration
9.00am Opening Address
9.10am Predictive Maintenance & Quality: What It Is, and Why It Matters
Predictive maintenance software solutions from IBM access multiple data sources in real time to predict asset failure or quality issues so your organization can avoid costly downtime and reduce maintenance costs. Listen in as our speaker shares more about what it is and why it matters.
9.50am Client Application Examples and Case Studies
Real customer stories, including Pratt & WhitneyHonda and Santos, will be shared to give a fuller picture of how Predictive Maintenance & Quality can impact your bottom line, in the positive way.

Pratt & Whitney Taps IBM to Capture Value of Big Data to Improve Aircraft Engine Performance
The Honda Story: Possiblities that IBM Predictive Maintenance and Quality brings to both the makers and users of automobiles
PMQ helps cut travel time, resolve problems faster and boost production output for Santos

10.30am Coffee Break
11.00am Getting Started with Predictive Maintenance
Embarking on the predictive maintenance journey can be daunting, or not. Listen in as our speaker shares how you can get started with predictive maintenance and begin reaping the benefits. See how we approach a predictive maintenance project including:
- Prioritization of pain points in organizations to be adddressed by the concept of analytics-driven operational efficiency
- Planning a roadmap and next steps in moving a reactive maintenance strategy to a proactive and predictive strategy
11.30am Roundtable Discussion: Use Case Identification
Join us as we discuss about applying Predictive Maintenance & Quality in some industrial cases, thus identifying how PMQ can be deployed in different areas of work.
12.15pm Lunch
*Please note that the event agenda is subject to change. All images used are for illustrative purposes only.