The road to profitability in the insurance industry lies in better decision making.
For insurance companies, volumes of data and content related to customers, policies, claims and other processes are increasing. But most decision makers report that they do not have timely access to the information and insight they need to guide their decisions. Answering these key questions has become critical in today’s fiercely competitive world of insurance. With IBM Analytics solutions, insurers can uncover the strategic insights hidden within the data.

  • Who are our top-performing agents?
  • Who are our highest-value customers?
  • Which customers are most likely to take their business elsewhere?
  • How can we predict fraud more accurately and fast track claims?
  • How can we underwrite to a profit?

Security First Insurance builds a bridge between social media posts and the claims process to help ensure timely response to policyholders, even in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina integrated and consolidated member data into a single source of truth that provides customers and business users with access to the information they need at a lower cost.

 Infinity Property & Casualty used predictive analytics to identify fraudulent claims, better identify subrogation potential, and improve right-tracking of claims to speed claim handling.

Swiss Re  deployed a solution that performs data analysis and reporting from a central location, and speeds report generation by 70 percent with faster response to individual analytic querie

Primerica  worked with IBM to enhance their "Primerica Online" portal, enabling insurance representatives to actively drill down into deep volumes of critical business information.

Westfield Insurance applied business intelligence and analytics to gain greater insights, make good risk selection, service customers, market and sell products, and differentiate the company


 Guarantee Fund dramatically reduced insurance fraud with a comprehensive, accurate view of insurance throughout the country, and used predictive analytics to calculate fair insurance premiums.

Gruppo Helvetia Italia Group implemented an Enterprise Claims Dashboard, based on IBM technologies, that enables its partner companies to track the claims payment process from registration to payment.