Metal and Mining

Our solutions, technology and consulting for metals and mining companies can help you enhance supply chain planning, optimize operations and improve production.

Traditionally, metals and mining industries are “physical,” and have tended to use less information technology (IT) than other industries. But this situation is changing with the growing level of instrumented assets and data volumes, investment in integrated operations, and the realization that industry vendors are unable to handle data and analysis requirements. The evolution of technology and new data sources has provided new abilities and may hold the key for solving many of the significant challenges organizations confront on a daily basis. Forward-thinking companies are examining new ways to har-ness technology, data, analytics, mobility and instrumentation. These innovations can deliver greater recoveries and higher product yield, improved efficiency, better human and environmental safety and more efficient global supply chains. Today, these companies are looking to new technologies and processes to:

  • Gain access to quality raw materials.
  • Boost research and development.
  • Improve operational and business processes.
  • Forge partnerships with key customers and suppliers.
  • Manage large capital expenditure and improve ROI.
  • Reduce risk.

To sustain growth, leaders across the metals and mining industries view today’s business realities and expanding markets as opportunities. To drive growth and produce sustainable shareholder value, companies must focus on two key impera-tives for mining operations and for the metals supply chain. They must reduce costs and improve sustainability of mining operations, while optimizing the supply chain and mill production. Both of these imperatives can be accomplished by applying new technologies and analyzing information generated in the business to drive actionable insights.