OnBase can assist city, county and state governments as they shift their focus towards the needs of constituents and strive to meet their demands. By increasing agility, effectiveness and communication among and between levels of government, OnBase lets governments fulfill their responsibilities to those they serve with more ease and efficiency.

Specializing in Affordable Housing and Community Development Agencies, Criminal Justice Information Systems, Health and Human Services, Public Works and Tax, Finance and Administration departments, the OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) system has been successfully implemented by more than 800 government entities. These agencies have:

  • Instantly provided documents to multiple users via central repository
  • Proven accountability and transparency
  • Significantly increased constituent service by improving access to documents
  • Met the latest regulations and reporting standards
  • Mitigated the impacts of turnover and election staff changes
  • Connected silos of data within and between agencies.

Although these government organizations vary greatly, OnBase can help manage back office processes in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Human Resources common to any organization. Yet OnBase is also designed to handle the document management needs specific to individual organizations. With integrations with hundreds of software applications, OnBase works with legacy and line-of-business systems to enhance functionality instead of replacing it.

With more than 90 modules, OnBase has innumerable applications, while ease of use and scalability makes it applicable to any size agency. OnBase improves constituent service without increasing the budget. In fact, agencies often see a return on investment (ROI) within the first year.

Moving towards a constituent-focused vision does not require governments to make extensive changes all at once. Small incremental changes with a long-term constituent-focused view will ultimately place citizens’ needs at the heart of daily decisions. After making successful investments initially, governments can take their progress one step further by expanding their OnBase solution across departments and levels of government with minimal disruption and expense.

Local Government
With OnBase Government Solutions, local government streamlines processes that drive constituent services, reducing costs while increasing efficiencies across the enterprise

Federal Government
OnBase is a proven solution offering federal government agencies a robust, scalable document management solution to automate processes and eliminate backlogs

State Government
With OnBase Government Solutions, you can meet today’s challenges to do more with less, eliminating the costs associated with paper-based processes and storage while laying the groundwork for faster government

Government Integrations
The OnBase enterprise content management solution can integrate with any departmental or agency application government uses to help constituents and get things done

Agency does more with less: cases filed, found 60 times faster, despite 40% staff reductions
Facing budget and staff cuts, the Rhode Island office of Child Support Services had a difficult time keeping up with daily filing and processing. Paperwork was becoming an obstacle to service.

Better, faster public service
This case study was written about Lucas County’s OnBase solution by Government Technology magazine.

County with 4th Smartest City in the U.S. saves $400k by replacing IBM FileNet with OnBase
Washtenaw County wanted to replace its existing FileNet solution. Leaders were frustrated by the custom coding and integrator consultant services the system required. Upgrading was even more expensive.

Document management of state ERP estimates annual savings of $7 million
Aging infrastructure and custom line-of-business applications limited standardization and enabled siloed operations across multiple departments. Leaders sought a solution before many retired.

Faster document access saves housing and finance authority $1 million yearly
The housing authority's paper-intensive processes finally caught up to it. Staff couldn't find documents fast enough and meeting compliance regulations was difficult.

Paperless processes enable self-service and efficiencies for county committed to innovation
Having grown by more than 20 percent in the last six years, Horry County needed stronger, faster processes. The county battled space constraints and staff struggled with redundant processes to get a single job done.

Put documents and processes on the map
Shrink project timelines and improve services.


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