Investing & Wealth Management

Investing and Wealth Management

Thousands of solutions can help you with investing and wealth management, but only Tableau is quick, affordable and ready to be deployed across your entire organization.

Financial companies are using Tableau today to accomplish hundreds of tasks, including:

  • Deep securities analysis of equities, bonds and funds.
  • Audit order execution, market spreads, costs and trading behavior.
  • Build guided analysis flows for portfolio management.
  • Build customer portals for investment performance.
  • Monitor financial performance. 

Wealth Management

Track your wealth management performance on the go

Tableau offers a better way. Shrink your performance review time from hours to minutes by transforming large volumes of your data into easily understood visualizations.

Tableau’s advanced interactive features create a workbook that is built for exploration and customization. For example, the first dashboard shows you the geographical distribution of your selected measure— assets under management, revenue, sales, and more. It also offers you 4 other related views of that measure, providing insight into top advisors, regional distribution, trends over time and product category.



Find market trends first

Tableau is an easy visual environment that lets you answer questions about stocks, bonds, derivatives and funds, 10 to 100 times faster than you can with spreadsheets or statistics packages. It all happens in a simple workbook that any Excel user can quickly master. With Tableau's Data engine, you can work with huge volumes of data such as intraday trading data and years of data for thousands of securities.

This dashboard lets you inspect the daily trading details of publicly traded technology stocks. Adjust the filters to examine a specific industry or to change the date range. You can identify those days with large trading volume (use the volume filter), or compare the return/ volume dynamics of different companies. This sector analysis application was created with Tableau’s drag and drop interface in minutes.



Quickly explore opportunities and optimize costs

Any analytics application can create a stock price and volume chart. But how do you use data to drive down trading costs, reduce portfolio risk, discover anomalous trades, and look for opportunities? Tableau supports these goals by letting you pan and zoom through large volumes of data, filter to areas you’re interested in, and drill into the underlying trading history. Imagine calculating compound returns and regressions with a click, and seeing visual results instantly.

The indexes are based on company auditor.

For instance, adjust the filters to see whether the PWC or KPMG index offered the best returns during the first 300 days after IPO. This dashboard was created with Tableau’s drag and drop interface in minutes.



Rapidly create client investment reports and distribute them securely via the web

Financial firms are increasingly competing on their ability to offer clients access to rich, relevant data. But how do you deliver information to clients in a way that is visual, interactive and easy? How do you build online customer portals without suffering from the cost and inflexibility of a slow-moving business intelligence platform?

Tableau lets you construct information portals without heavy development. Tableau Server installs quickly and scales to tens of thousands of private users on the web. The interactive dashboards it provides can be embedded in a broader customer portal initiative, or used as a stand-alone system. The level of data access and interactivity is under your control and can vary from client to client. Advanced users can be given access to the underlying data for one-click import into their own spreadsheets.

This is a portfolio monitoring dashboard for a major investment client. Use the dashboard to evaluate portfolio risk.  The client can filter the entire dashboard by asset class or ratings group to better understand the specific issuers and investment trends for that cross section of the portfolio.



Visualize performance for customized portfolios in minutes

This application lets clients explore revenue growth for publicly traded software companies, based on data from their S1s and 10-Ks. All sales numbers have been inflation adjusted. Select lines in the upper visualization to filter to the details below.

The visualization is filled with investment stories and insights. For instance, most successful technology companies aren’t rocket ships. Only 28% of the nation’s most successful public software empires were rocket ships. (A rocket ship is defined as a company that reached $50 million in annual sales in 6 years or less).



Use what-if analyses to evaluate your investment

With Tableau you can give your customers the tools to monitor and manage their investments, including the ability to do what-if analyses to drive better decisions. Empower your customers with dashboards that are rich in data and have a few simple controls. This dashboard allows a potential consumer to evaluate the value of an investment made in stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). By selecting their date of investment and investment value, and defining which of the Dow Jones component stocks they are interested in investing, users can immediately see their nominal gain/losses from such investment.

Use this application to evaluate whether an earlier investment would have led to a substantial gain or how your portfolio would have looked if you invested in an industry specific vs. a diversified portfolio. Users can quickly understand the basics of investments and make more educated decisions.