QlikView for Government

Accelerate Agency Modernization Goals

Gain visibility into operations, programs and processes. Empower staff with access to vast amounts of information in ways never before possible. Reduce the time and cost to improve agency performance.

Visibility to Guide Complex Decisions

The Administration is asking agencies for increased visibility into operations, programs and processes. Pressure is accelerating to make fact-based decisions that consider the vast amount of data that is available today.

So, how can agencies, already pressed for budget and time, respond to the rapidly growing expectations for insight? Empower staff with access to vast amounts of information in ways never before possible so they can make more informed, accurate decisions. Qlikview makes this possible.

Agencies need visibility into their information systems, many of which are millions and millions of records; to see where processes and programs are performing well, where they are not, and how they can be improved. Typically, agencies depend on IT to deliver a managed report or use Excel to wade through the data. This process is slow, cumbersome and often leaves the user with more questions than answers.

Using QlikView, Agencies can:

  • Enable everyone in the Agency access to information to drive better results for Government.
  • Experience true Business Discovery by effectively analyzing high volumes of data coming from a myriad of sources
  • See your data in meaningful ways that give you quick, clear access to make more informed decisions
  • Cut IT costs and empower business users with a modern, easy to use business intelligence platform
  • Enable data interoperability and information sharing across Agencies, programs, and jurisdictions
  • Improve utilization of facilities, equipment, government workers and e-government services

The QlikView Customer Experience

Discover why more than 300 government agencies spanning finance administration, public safety, health and human services, defense and intelligence, and transportation worldwide have turned to QlikView to quickly give business users access to information and improve their performance.

Unlock information for empowered efficiency

QlikView empowers Agency executives and staff with access to information in ways never before possible. Our architecture allows for a rapid delivery of information; allowing Agencies to meet the requirements set forward by the Administration. Redundancies in data, processes and tasks are quickly exposed. Opportunities to integrate, outsource, or enhance e-government services, become obvious. Opportunities to integrate, outsource, or enhance e-government services, become obvious. QlikView provides the insights in your data to allow you to plan, implement and manage resources fast and efficiently.

Intelligent Public Service

Defense & Intelligence

Extend strategic advantage with clearer intelligence

Twenty-first century military operations require an agile information environment to achieve an information advantage for personnel and mission partners. To achieve this information advantage, everyone in DoD must be able to access the information resources they require to perform their required functions; which includes timely access to data from multiple systems.

Using QlikView, Defense & Intelligence agencies can:

  • Provide Decision makers across DoD seamless access to functionality, enabling them to create, find, use, and share information needed to perform their assigned tasks.
  • Improve Command and Control thru Expediteing analysis of intelligence data
  • Increase critical visibility into mission planning and operations
  • Optimize utilization of civilian and military workforces
  • Ensure assets and logistics for mission success
  • Improve operational readiness and performance

Tax & Revenue Management

Smarter management decisions for better accountability

Taxpayer scrutiny and heightened oversight within government and by special-interest groups increase pressures on agencies to improve bottom-line performance and spending accountability.

Using QlikView, agencies can:

  • Follow an enterprise approach to managing the agency mission
  • Improve revenue collection and funding justifications
  • Require less time and fewer resources for budget planning, tracking spend against budget, and consolidated financial reporting
  • Tighten procurement and the tracking of contractor performance
  • Optimize workforce utilization based on experience, training, performance and compensation

Health & Human Services

Managing information and costs for better policy and performance

Citizen services for growing and aging populations involve billions of data records and customer interactions. To control costs and improve the delivery of services, governments use QlikView to:

  • Manage programs and contain their costs through statistical analysis
  • Consolidate processes such as eligibility assessments, case management, and fraud detection across programs
  • Expand citizen self-help services through websites and call centers
  • Plan and track awareness outreach programs
  • Profile and analyze service providers’ offerings, pricing and performance

Public Safety & Security

More protection with existing resources

QlikView’s visibility into information and processes offers numerous opportunities for safety and security agencies to optimize performance while tightening cost controls.

Using QlikView, emergency service agencies can:

  • Improve call handling, prioritization and response times
  • Analyze crime/fire/threat patterns for coverage needs
  • Conduct investigative analysis to solve and prevent incidents
  • Improve utilization of equipment and staff
  • Benchmark and track preparedness and performance

Criminal Justice

Streamline processes and system costs

QlikView eases the management of overburdened court systems and correctional facilities. By opening visibility into the structure and processes of criminal justice systems, governments using QlikView can:

  • Reduce case backlog and the cost of processing case loads
  • Eliminate redundancies across overlapping jurisdictions
  • Optimize coordination of administrative support services, such as records handling, jury management and utilization of personnel
  • Improve capacities and inmate tracking at correctional facilities
  • Reduce costs to maintain buildings within the criminal justice system


Smooth the ride for commerce and taxpayers

Growing populations and economic development expand demands on transportation networks. To improve the management, maintenance, safety and security of road, port and air transport infrastructure, governments using QlikView can:

  • Increase the flexibility of traffic pattern analysis to relieve congestion
  • Plan, implement and manage Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Analyze when best to lease or privatize infrastructure
  • Reduce costs associated with government vehicle fleets
  • Streamline data-intensive administrative processes, such as for licensing and vehicle registration