Personalized dashboards allow you to:

  • View, interact with and analyze information that is meaningful to you.
  • Help others follow your train of thought and understand your unique perspective.
  • Drag-and-drop trusted content, filters and other content, such as RSS feeds, HTML, text and image.
  • Modify and arrange layout, add colors and text, add comments and personalize widgets.
  • Change display, add calculations, filter/prompt, drill up/down and sort data.
  • Share dashboard objects for collaboration.

SCORECARDING: Link Strategy to Operations
Use scorecards to visually capture organizational strategy and communicate it throughout your organization, so all can prioritize and align their daily activities.

  • Administrators can create scorecards once and use across the organization to ensure working toward the same targets.
  • Metrics integrate a range of cross-functional data from any source, including ERP and CRM systems and spreadsheets.
  • Intuitive wizards guide through the metrics and scorecarddesign process to add new objectives metrics, reduce time spent on maintenance and updates.

REPORTING: Author Once, Consume Everywhere
IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Query and Reporting enables users to create a single report that users can access on multiple devices, in multiple formats, and in other applications and processes.

ANALYSIS: Gather All Information to Make Smarter Decisions
IBM Cognos Analysis software meets the needs of all users in your organization:

  • An intuitive and easy to use business intelligence(BI) workspace as a single place to find and do work.
  • IBM Cognos Business Insight gives visibility and access to all the information at all perspectives needed to drive informed decisions.
  • Integrate IBM Cognos BI and IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics solutions for deeper analysis capabilities to get “why” behind an event or action to improve business performance.