Financial Management: Develop timely, reliable and personalized forecasts, budgets and analysis with a complete enterprise planning solution
In today’s challenging economy, the answers to three performance questions are more important than ever: How are we doing? Why are we on or off track? What should we do to address performance gaps quickly? To answer these questions and to anticipate the best course of action, you need to plan, forecast and budget effectively.

Ramp up your planning, budgeting and analysis

  • Exceptionally fast performance for large, sophisticated models and large data sets.
  • A flexible modeling environment that requires no programming or traditional IT skills.
  • The scalability and flexibility to start with a single planning application and then expand it for enterprise.
  • A choice of interfaces: Microsoft Excel, TM1 Web and a built-in client for managed participation.
  • Role-based security supports multiple users ensuring users see only those portions of the plan that they need to.

Gain a complete picture from goal setting to measuring progress
IBM Cognos TM1 is Cognos 10 Ready, allowing you to link your plans and forecasts with reporting and scorecarding. With the deep analytics capabilities of IBM Cognos TM1, you can validate your planning assumptions and meet the dynamic needs of your organization. With the high-performance OLAP engine at the core of Cognos TM1, you can analyze frequently-changing data for millions of SKUs or transactions. For example:

  • Review sales daily, hourly, by store, brand or representative.
  • Analyze day-by-day profitability, customer churn for thousands or millions of customer accounts.
  • Track trends in spending over weeks or months. 
  • IBM Cognos TM1 adapts to your planning and forecasting processes and incorporates best practices such as driver-based planning and rolling forecasts. It provides the self-sufficiency that enables financial and business analysts to build and maintain business models and rules—and defines security to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
  • IBM Cognos TM1 provides single, integrated high-performance modeling environment. All business rules, data and metadata are shared among applications so teams work with only one set of rules and data for linked models.
  • To help rapidly access valuable information locked away in back-office applications, IBM Cognos TM1 provides data connectors shared with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence to streamline loading of disparate data into models. 
  • IBM Cognos TM1 is readily adaptable for high levels of participation. You deploy your planning activities in Microsoft Excel or a managed application in the contribution interface. These “experiences” enable advanced, on-demand analysis but require minimal training, no programming skills and minimal IT assistance.