Decision Management

This leads to a low consistency in decisions and results.

IBM SPSS Decision Management places the power of predictive analytics into the hands of non-technical business users, providing them with simple, “three-click” automated modeling and scoring Web interface. This enables users to apply extensive knowledge of business process and customers to generate more predictive models and business rules that automate decision-making. With greater volume of decisions automated through IBM SPSS Decision Management, there is less volume of disparate decisions made by individuals, leading to a higher consistency in results which lowers the risk of costly mistakes and maximizes the positive impact of good decisions.

Three Clicks to Smarter Decision-Making With IBM SPSS Decision Management, business users can optimize decisions in three simple clicks:

Build a predictive model within a configurable Web browser interface.

Run simulations and “what if” scenarios that compare and test the best business outcomes.

Deploy model into an operational system to automatically deliver optimized decisions at the point of impact. Roll back insight gained, creating a system in which decisions grow more effective with each iteration.