Text Mining


Although they are quite different, text mining is sometimes confused with information retrieval.While the accurate retrieval and storage of information is an enormous challenge, the extraction and management of quality content, terminology, and relationships contained within the information are crucial and critical processes.

Conduct sentiment analysis through powerful text link analysis 
IBM SPSS Modeler Premium enables you to automatically detect customer or citizen sentiment through clear visualization of relationships between their sentiments and your products and services, so that you can use these insights to improve service delivery, as well as product and program development.

Qualitative data collected from articles, reports, surveys, call center notes, e-mail, chat, and other text documents, is a rich avenue of potential insight into customers’ opinions and needs. Analysis of open-ended textual data requires much time and effort to manually categorize and “code” the text responses. IBM SPSS Text Mining Solutions employ Natural Language Processing (NLP) linguistic technologies to automatically extract and classify key concepts from responses to open-ended questions.

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys
Automatically extract key concepts to unlock full value of survey responses

IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys is designed to analyze open-ended text responses and easily integrate with other quantitative data such as demographics and transactions for richer analysis.

Pre-built categories can automatically distinguish positive and negative statements, identify major themes and reveal hidden patterns without the drudgery associated with manual coding.