Software Development Analytics


Software developers use Tableau to:

  • Understand where teams are spending time and balance workloads
  • Quickly pinpoint problems that affect release dates or quality assurance
  • Aggregate and analyze feedback from user testing
  • Communicate status to stakeholders in real-time interactive dashboards
  • Embed native HTML dashboards in your corporate Intranet or SharePoint

Manage Software Projects

Software development project management to help you track schedules, ship dates, bugs, and features
Software development project management is a difficult balancing act between people, projects and costs. It doesn't help when you are responsible for multiple software teams spread across the globe, who each have their own development schedules, ship dates, bugs, and features. You need a real-time, interactive view where you can see the big picture and drill down anytime for details. And your executives and line-of-business stakeholders need updates without a lot of manual work by you and your team to make reports or PowerPoint slides.

See Software Perfomance

Benchmark performance across time, workloads, and machines
Track adherence to quality of service (QoS) targets. Spot performance trends and outliers rapidly versus wading through reams of application and server log data. Share as interactive web dashboards on your corporate Intranet or SharePoint, or export to PowerPoint. This sample dashboard shows 236,000 elapsed time results measured in sub-seconds. 

Track Bugs and Workload

Track bugs and manage developer workloads
Anyone can track bugs more easily with Tableau. You can take data from Atlassian, BMC Remedy, Bugzilla, FogBugz or other issue-tracking software and publish bug-tracking dashboards on your corporate portal, wiki or SharePoint. In this sample dashboard, see active bugs and each developer’s workload color-coded by priority. Filter by system. Compare reported versus resolved bugs over time.
One of your stakeholders wants an update? Don't waste time creating custom reports. Instead, share the web dashboard or export images to PowerPoint.