Unlock the value of your data warehouse
Provide intuitive access, comprehensive analytics and sophisticated visualization to the data that is trapped in your data warehouse. Enable Business Discovery with instant user-driven analysis on your integrated enterprise data.

The power of big data integration with the simplicity of QlikView
Organizations have come to rely on Informatica’s powerful and highly scalable unified enterprise data integration platform for accessing, and integrating data from virtually any business system. By combining Informatica and QlikView’s associative in-memory platform, business users can perform quick, flexible, visual, ad hoc analysis and reporting to enable Business Discovery.

QlikView puts more into the hands of Informatica PowerCenter customers:

  • Full value of data warehouse: Realize the full value of the effort to create data warehouses by giving business users a rich self-service analysis experience. Alleviate the requirements for reporting data marts.

  • Speed of deployment: Deploy individual analyses and reporting solutions in weeks or days using QlikView. Expedite and simplify the process of analyzing relevant data from Informatica.

  • Ease of use: QlikView is easy for business people to use and IT pros to manage. Most users become productive with QlikView after less than one hour of training.

Accelerate time to value
To secure a single source of data, many organizations are using a data warehouse. In many cases, the full value of the effort to create this data warehouse is not realized because of the time consuming task of creating and maintaining reports for business users. QlikView connector for Informatica PowerCenter provides a seamless integration between Informatica’s ETL tools and QlikView’s associative in-memory platform. You can now provide user-centric interactivity, speed-of-thought analysis and associative experience with integrated business data in weeks or days.