Cognos Insight

IBM Cognos Insight delivers outstanding data interactivity, analysis and visualization capabilities to individual desktop users.

  • Import,merge and analyze data on your desktop, including personal files, historial business intelligence, databases and more.
  • Build custom boards and applications without scripting-evaluateyour reputation and make informed messaging decisions that target the right stakeholders at the right time.
  • Optimize outcomes through wha-if analysis anytime - even when you are not connected to a server.
  • Create compelling visualisations to help you deliver insights in the most meaningful and understanding way for your role or organization.
  • Support collaboration and action at the team or enterprise level-share applications independantly or publish your work to a Cognos Server.
  • Choose business analytics that grows with you- Cognos Insights comes in 3 editions to meet the needs of individual users, workgroups and mid-size organizations and  entire enterprises.