Opportunity Detection

IBM Opportunity Detection provides a complete set of event detection capabilities:

  • Learn about patented 24x7 customer and website visitor behavior patterns with sophisticated pattern detection.
  • Create event detection rules easily that are specialized for a particular business or objective.
  • Use pre-defined triggers that cover many industries and marketing goals.
  • Take advantage of new integration with IBM Interact, IBM’s real-time interaction management module, to factor complex event patterns into
    your real-time marketing decisions.

Sophisticated pattern detection

  • Identify product interest and cross-sell opportunities by monitoring for signs of product interest.
  • Define and automate dozens of new complex patterns within weeks or even days.
  • Monitor the behavior of individual customers, in particular large volumes of transactional data such as purchases or account activity.
  • Spot patterns and nuanced changes in behavior that are only noticeable and appear over time.

Custom business rule creation

  • Monitor all channels/activities including transaction streams, online banking usage, call center and VRU usage.
  • Retain and cross-sell customers more effectively.
  • Manage dozens or hundreds of discrete events and patterns of behavior over time.
  • Quickly assemble, test and migrate to production a complex event detection scenario.

Libraries of pre-defined triggers

  • Leverage customized triggers for credit card, retail banking, telecommunications, and utilize a large library of packaged trigger definitions and tools.
  • Scale event-based marketing efforts - massive volumes of triggers are more easily managed than through manual means.
  • Increase retention and cross-sell/up-sell conversion rates of marketing messages by generating messages at the right time and based on customer behavior/events.