Predictive Insight

IBM Predictive Insight contains powerful predictive modelling features designed for use by marketing business users, not trained statisticians:

  • Predict customer response, identify the best products for cross-sell, identify optimal customer segmentation and forecast lifetime value.
  • Utilize user-friendly wizards which guide marketers through every step.
  • Leverage many of the most powerful predictive algorithms and approaches, rather than being limited to just one or two.
  • Choose which model, from among those built, is best suited and will achieve the best results with IBM Predictive Insight automated model selection.

Built-to-answer marketing questions

  • Increase response rates to marketing campaigns by better identifying the best targets.
  • Increase revenues by building better customer relationships with more relevant offers based on predictive insights.
  • Reduce costs by empowering marketers to do their own predictive analytics, minimizing required outside expertise.
  • Reduce costs by wasting less on ineffective communications.

User-friendly wizards

  • Take advantage of the user friendly wizards, which walks marketers through the modeling process and automatically picks the best variables for model-building.
  • Multiple automated deployment options include Score within Campaign, Score on database or data file, Score within model directly, or export C or SAS code.
  • Provides wizards for standard operations, but also allows manual mode for expert users.

Powerful algorithms

  • Utilize the response modeler, cross seller, customer segmenter and customer valuator to predict, identify and analyze important behaviors and revenue opportunity.
  • Segment customers based on preferences and target with offers they are more likely to respond to.
  • Rich set of included algorithms and unique capability to pick automatically the best one.