Data Collection


IBM SPSS Data Collection provides a comprehensive suite of products for survey, market, or business researchers.
Through the powerful platform, users can gain a deeper understanding of people’s attitudes,preferences and behavior so that this valuable
insight can be included in decision-making processes.

IBM SPSS Data Collection is a powerful platform that integrates the full range of modern surveying methodologies.
With it, you can create, field and collect data simultaneously using any channel.


  • Streamline the process of creating surveys using familiar, intuitive interfaces and incorporate sophisticated logic to increase completion rates and ensure high-quality data


  • Advanced, easy-to-use technology for deploying and managing compelling surveys by phone, over the web, or face-to-face. Keep up with trends such as SMS messaging


  • Easily and efficiently develop professional, interactive reports in online or desktop environments, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time


  • Centralize the management of surveys and data with tools for all stages of the research lifecycle, increase efficiency and staff utilization, and automate processes

One Sample, One Questionnaire, Many Modes With IBM SPSS Data Collection, you can:

  • Create one questionnaire from the extensive library of survey samples
  • Deploy them simultaneously for online surveys, computer-assisted telephone interviews, and onsite interviews through portable devices or paper
  • Eliminate manual data entry and save time in cleaning and merging data - feedback gathered is automatically collected in a centralized data source

















Multilingual Surveys for Diverse Communities

  • Create questions and instructions in virtually any language
  • Increase response rates and produce more reliable responses











Attractive and Compelling Reports

  • Tabulate results and create graphs showing patterns and trends from the survey results
  • Export them in various formats such as .PPT, .XLS, .SAV, and HTML