Tableau Training: Marketing Focused

Monday, October 23, 2017 - 09:30 to 12:00
600 North Bridge Road, #12-05 Parkview Square Singapore 188778
Workshop Highlights: 

Zeroing in on what matters most

You’re probably already using Google Analytics to track web traffic, conversions, and to optimize your website. Tableau takes your GA experience to another level.

This introductory session will share how Tableau can connect directly to Google Analytics and dig deep into visitor behavior, content value, conversions and more. If Google Analytics collects it, you can analyze it—and mash it up with any other data set, from CRMs to social media to demographics, for deeper insights. 

Join us for this half day training session and learn how to get started with Tableau. 


Audience Demographics:Understanding who is visiting your site in terms of their age, location and gender is the best way to tailor your site to suit their interests and preferences

Content Drilldown: Get the overview of which pages on your website are visited the most often. Determine website section popularity, how long on average visitors stay in each section, and if they are leaving in a certain section


Traffic Channels: Look at different traffic channels to see which channel is the largest driver of traffic to your site