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Harness the power of Qlik Staige to make AI real: trusted data foundation, automation, actionable predictions, company-wide impact.

Move beyond the hype: the value of AI


Connect data sources, apps, business logic, analytics and people


Train your models in a trusted, controlled environment


Reduce guesswork with visualizations and predictive insights


Chat-based summary generation

Questions you could be asking Qlik’s AI

What should our staffing levels be next year?

┗ What do we need to do now to meet those needs?

What do we expect our revenue to be in Q3 for each region?

┗ What actions can we take to maximize revenue?

Which inventory outages might occur next year?

┗ How can we ensure we have the right products on hand?

Which customers should we target going forward?

┗Which products should we offer them?

Which capital investments should we make in Q2?

┗ Which characteristics on an asset drive the highest ROI?

What do we project our expenses to be next quarter by category?

┗ What are the key factors driving expenses?

Which high-value employees are at an increased risk of leaving?

┗ What are the specific factors driving that decision?

How should we plan our capacity next year to best meet demand?

┗ How can we optimise our processes to reduce bottlenecks?

Which opportunities are likely to close this quarter?

┗ How do we create a higher close rate?

Spark your own AI innovations with our platform

AI Foundation

Prepare quality governed data for generative AI you can trust.

  • Create AI-ready data sets via connectivity, intelligent pipelines, and transformation engines
  • Fine-tune enterprise AI using your data to optimize models

AI-Enhanced Solutions

Bring AI to BI for analytics that stay one step ahead.

  • Generate visualizations, NLG readouts & interpretations
  • Get interactive, fast answers with conversation-based experience
  • Enable any of your employees to track key drivers

Self-Service AI

Build and deploy AI for advanced use cases.

  • Experiment limitlessly until ready to deploy
  • Generate predictions with full explainability
  • Integrate models in real-time for what-if analysis