Navigating Digital Transformation Together

Data Literacy on Social Service Organizations

Social service organizations face challenges that require new competencies and efficient resource management. Leveraging technological advancements, particularly in data and analytics, is crucial for these organizations to gain valuable insights and transform their operations. By harnessing the power of data, social service organizations can enhance their impact and better serve their communities.


Analytics in the social service sector has the potential to revolutionize operations, tracking activities, and service delivery. Data literacy is a vital step on an organization’s journey to becoming data-fluent. It empowers all levels of workers to ask the right questions, make informed decisions, and reason with data effectively.


Join us to explore how data literacy and analytics can accelerate the digital transformation of the social service sector, empowering organizations to better meet the needs of your communities.


Key Topics


↠ Learn how data and analytics can transform social service operations.


↠ Discover use cases in donations, nursing homes, facilities, rehabilitation, finance, operations, social media, daycare, and more.


↠ Gain practical knowledge to improve decision-making and service delivery.



What’s More


SIFT Analytics Group has partnered with various social service sectors, helping them gain deeper insights into their operations and create more responsive and effective systems for resource allocation.

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    3:00 PM - Introduction to Social Service Digital Transformation

    Explore the fundamental principles of digital transformation within the social service sector. Attendees will gain insights into the key drivers of digital transformation and the potential challenges and opportunities it presents for social service organizations.

    3:30 PM - Data Literacy for Social Service Sector

    This part focuses on building data literacy skills among social service professionals. Participants will learn how to collect, interpret, and leverage data to make informed decisions, track activities effectiveness, and demonstrate impact. 

    4:00 PM - Coffee Break

    Take a moment to relax and network with fellow attendees during the coffee break. 

    4:20 PM - Delivering Analytics and Insights

    Participants will be guided through the process of analyzing their organization data and ways to generate meaningful insights. 

    4.40 PM - Social Service Use Case and Solutions

    Discover practical applications of digital transformation and data analytics through real-world social service use cases. 

    5:00 PM - End

    Concluding the day’s events.

    Event Details

    Date: Friday, 20th Sept 2024

    Time: 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    Venue: SIFT Analytics Office

    Who should Attend:
    All Social Service Sector Agencies