What is the biggest data
problem all organizations
face today?

The biggest problem organizations face today is actually getting value from their data. Simply focusing on the mechanics of moving data from point A to point B won’t solve this fundamental problem – it just leads to siloed data, fragile data pipelines, and an inability to scale efficiently. That’s not to say that these tactical considerations are not relevant or important, but they’re a means to an end, not the ultimate goal.

To transform your data into real, tangible business value, you need to completely rethink how you understand and work with data.

The solution to this problem is a concept called data health.

Data health describes how well a company’s data supports its business objectives. Healthy data is easily discoverable, understandable, and of value to the people that need to use it. When data is healthy, organizations can focus on using data to meet business objectives rather than struggling to find it or questioning its credibility.

Data health is driven by multiple initiatives and transformations, and establishing data excellence is one of the essential steps on the journey to healthier data. With the right data excellence strategy in place, businesses will immediately begin to see tangible results and better business outcomes — including improved business agility, increased team productivity, and reduced compliance risks.

This definitive guide to establishing data excellence can help you unlock the full potential of all your data. You’ll learn what goes into crafting a data excellence strategy, how to structure your team, and how other companies have successfully made controlled and compliant data accessible throughout their organizations.

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