Transform Audit Automation Process with Intelligent Analytics

27th May 2022, Friday | 2:00  – 3:00 PM

Deliver Confidence: Data Driven Transparency & Productivity

Change, disruption, increased regulation, outcome-based pricing – the need to do more with less.


Procurement Leaders today face these challenges and more, as they not only shift to cut costs and increase efficiencies, but to create added value.


Learn new ways to harness automation and analytics that make Government more agile, resilient, and efficient.


In this webinar, we covered how…


  • Data Automation is being used to fuel innovation in government
  • Real-time Data Analysis delivers via built-in automation, capture analysis and spend cycles
  • 2022 Processes identify and track quality, on-time delivery, order status, pricing variances and much more

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Benefits of Alteryx Designer

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop UI
  • Comprehensive for End-to-End Analytics Automation
  • Data Science Made Simple
  • Customizable Analytics with Alteryx SDKs
  • Cloud Connected
  • and more…

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