Data health starts with Talend’s unified data integration and management solutions

Are you making the right decisions?

Data health is critical for any organisation— but keeping data in good condition requires a careful balance between availability, usability, integrity, and security. Talend can help you achieve and maintain the complete, trustworthy, and uncompromised data you need to stay in control, mitigate risk and drive value.

Talend Data Fabric

Drive business value with healthy data

The complete low-code platform that unifies your data, provides a common language for data, and builds data trust.


The unified platform for reliable, accessible data

Data Integration

Discover, capture, and integrate all your data with proper categorization and documentation

Data Quality

Automatically clean and profile data in real time so you don’t have to worry about bad data even entering your systems

Data Integrity and Governance

Ensure data trust and excellence throughout the data lifecycle and assess data quality with the Talend Trust Score

Application and API Integration

Share and deliver value from trusted data internally and externally with a multitude of self-service capabilities

Powered by Talend Trust Score

Check the reliability of any dataset at-a-glance, over time or at any point of time, to improve data trust

How Talend Data Fabric Empowers You

With Talend on your side, you can easily launch data-driven
initiatives that will make a difference to your business:

Build customer loyalty and enthusiasm

Improve operational efficiency & save money

Reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance

Modernize IT infrastructure & optimize costs

Raise your expectations for data management

Data agility

Satisfy the data demands of a business quickly, reliably, and at scale, regardless of your underlying data architecture

Data culture

Establish a common shared understanding of your data, promote data literacy, and enable compliant data democratization

Data trust

Build confidence that your organization’s data is healthy and ready for action by removing barriers to trusted date