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What makes us different?

With our 25-year journey, our experience serves as the cornerstone of our success, positioning us as a prominent analytics service provider in the industry.


We have earned numerous prestigious awards, a testament to our impact on the technology community.


As a leader in providing end-to-end services, we not only redefine standards but also set a benchmark for the gold standard.


Data Analytics and Beyond

Find out more about our comprehensive services covering data, analytics and cloud.

Data Discovery and Visualization

Explore ways to leverage your data objectives, and gain 360-degree visualization of your business.


Modern Data Governance and Stewardship

Develop a modern data governance strategy that’s effective and secure.



Data Process Automation

Embrace intelligent automation to efficiently streamline workflow and repetitive tasks.

Data Democratization

A seamless adoption, enabling everyone to work with data comfortably.


Data Analytics Training

Empower your team by providing them with tailored analytics training.

ITSM Solutions

Deploy ITSM automations, canned responses, and intelligent ticketing.



AI-Powered CX Solutions

Leveraging customer data in ways that are fully automated, and powered by AI-Driven Insights.



For Public Sector

SIFT partners with 90% of local government entities, thereby enhancing the government’s ability to engage in real-time interactions and implement decisions more effectively.


For Commercials

SIFT has successfully completed over 1,000 commercial analytics projects, empowering organizations to identify opportunities, streamline operations, reduce costs, and maximize profits.