Wherever there’s data, there’s power

Qlik® helps you use your data to solve problems, meet new objectives, and address critical business needs. It all starts here. With the industry leader in data integration and analytics solutions that support your AI strategy.

Data Integration


Data Movement & Streaming

Accelerate data replication, ingestion and streaming across various heterogeneous databases, mainframe, SAP and SaaS applications. Real time change data capture delivers to popular cloud platforms for downstream analytics.

Data Warehouse Automation

Automate the design and generation of ETL code as well as ongoing updates – all while leveraging best practices. This dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk to deliver on the promise of an agile cloud data warehouse.

Data Transformation

Convert, join, enrich, consolidate and standardize data from heterogeneous formats or structures using a modern, push-down ELT approach.

Application Automation

Our no-code cloud-native service easily automates and streamlines workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Sense to prompt action from insights.

Visualization & Dashboards

Qlik’s best-in-class visualization and discovery experience is backed by the unmatched speed and flexibility of our Analytics Engine. Qlik offers the best dashboards on the market, with full interactivity and support for guided discovery, free-form exploration and search.

Augmented Analytics & AutoML

Harness AI to assist with all aspects of your analytics journey, enabling more people to reach their full potential with data. Across the complete analytics life-cycle, take advantage of AI-generated analyses and insights, natural language interaction, and predictive analytics powered by automated machine learning.

Embedded Analytics

Go beyond the dashboard and put analytics at the point of decision. With a complete set of open APIs, you can embed analytics in operational apps as well as create mashups and external applications. Put analytics insights where immediate action can be taken.

Alerting & Action

Built to drive action based on changing data, intelligent data alerting informs users of any sudden changes or outliers in your data to prompt timely action. Trigger event-driven actions through a visual, low-code environment without human intervention.

Foundational Services

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Associative Engine
  • Catalog & Lineage
  • Reporting & Collaboration
  • Orchestration
  • Governance & Security
  • Developer & API

Foundational Services

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Bring data together from multiple clouds and work within the cloud or clouds of your choice. There is no need to compromise when you have flexible deployment options that protect data location and local governance needs - all while providing unmatched performance and scale.


Qlik Talend Data Integration and Quality

Build a trusted data foundation to power your AI, ML, and analytics solutions.

Solve the challenges of data integration.

Integrate any data source

Bring together high volumes of data from a diverse array of sources.

Ensure data accuracy

Track, maintain, and protect data accuracy at every stage of the life cycle.

Get real-time data pipelines

Automatically move data as well as design, create, and continuously update data warehouses and data lakes on any cloud platform.


Simplify your approach to data integration.

Platform Agnostic

Get an adaptable real-time solution for ingesting enterprise data into popular data repositories.

Superior Data Quality and Governance

Track, maintain, and protect data accuracy at every stage of the data lifecycle.

Agile and Automated

Automate the design, creation, and continuous update of data warehouses and data lakes on any cloud platform.


Data Integration Buyer’s Guide

See how Qlik Talend Data Integration can help you achieve an agile data warehouse and accelerate analytics initiatives.

Deploy a data fabric for modern architectures.

Solve your data integration and quality challenges.

Data Streaming

Enjoy high performance data movement.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Automate and accelerate the entire data pipeline.

Data Lake Creation

Delivery quality data that drives AI innovation.

Data Quality and Governance

Provide trusted data to the people who need it.

Application and API Integration

Create secure APIs and streamlined integration workflows.

Application Automation

Act on data in the moment.

Stich Data Loader

Rapidly onboard new data sources.

SAP Solutions

Maximize the value of your SAP data.

Integrations and Connectors

Access and integrate any data source.

Qlik Talend Data Integration and Quality products and features.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration

Deliver, transform, and unify data in real-time with an easy to configure SaaS solution.

Qlik Data Integration
(Client Managed)

Integrate on-premises data sources across your secure enterprise.

Qlik Replicate

Qlik Enterprise Manager

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes

Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses

Talend Data Fabric

Whether in the cloud or on-premises, a single modular platform brings together data integration, quality, and governance.

Talend Data Fabric

Talend Data Preparation

Talend Data Catalog

Talend Data Stewardship

Talend Application and API Integration

Talend Data Inventory

Get Started with Qlik Data Integration

Move your data easily, securely and efficiently with minimal
operational impact.

2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

Integrate trusted data for AI and beyond

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Our Champion's Voices


Make Game-Changing Analytics Accessible to Everyone

Enable everyone in your organization — regardless of technical skill — to make data-driven decisions and take action with AI-powered insight.

Scale the business value of your data.

Purpose-built for Analytics

Benefit from a unique engine that indexes and freely associates your data for insights and speed that query-based engines just can't match.

AI for the Enterprise

Give business users access to automated insights, natural language interaction, predictive analytics, and generative AI.

Take Intelligent Action

Respond rapidly to business events with intelligent alerts and automation, delivered where decisions are made through embedded analytics and mobile.

Deliver context-aware insight.

Automated Insight Generation

Generate powerful analyses through machine learning, predictive analytics, and generative AI.

Natural Language Interaction

Get fast answers and perform ad hoc analyses with an AI assistant available in 10 languages.

Visualizations and Dashboards

Understand what’s happening in your data and freely, easily explore it to uncover why.

Alerting and Automation

Directly trigger human and machine action based on insight.


Count on a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader.

Get an impartial view of the BI landscape from a trusted source. Gartner has recognized Qlik as a Leader in Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the 13th straight year.

Put the Qlik portfolio of analytics solutions to work for you.

Augmented Analytics

Generate insight through natural language interaction and advanced, predictive, generative analytics.

Visualization and Dashboards

Search and explore data sets quickly, contextually, and interactively for deeper understanding and insight, no matter the technical skill.

Embedded Analytics

Make better decisions faster with real-time insight and information embedded in apps you already use.


Automatically distribute reports in popular formats including PDF, PPT, and Excel.


Transform your enterprise into a data-driven success machine.

Visually Explore and Uncover Insights

The transformative Associative Engine.

Highly interactive. Always in context. Lightning fast. Nothing else compares.

Harness the Power of AI

Drive more meaningful insight with augmented analytics.

With AI and ML built into our foundation, we deliver a full range of uniquely integrated augmented analytics capabilities that allow more people, regardless of skill level, to get more value from their data. Take advantage of:

Take Action in the Moment

Develop a dynamic relationship with information.

Get in-the-moment insights and drive immediate action.

Get Started with Qlik Sense

See why more than 38,000 customers trust Qlik. Easily explore information and quickly gain insights.


Optimize data movement for cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments.

Easily connect and combine data from hundreds of applications.

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