A single, global platform for your data and your essential workloads, with seamless data collaboration

One Platform That Unlocks Near-Unlimited Data Opportunities


Optimal Performance for Any Workload

Never worry about resource contention again. Snowflake’s single elastic performance engine delivers instant and near-unlimited scale. Support a virtually unlimited number of concurrent users and workloads ranging from interactive to batch—all with reliable, fast performance, thanks to Snowflake’s multi-cluster resource isolation.

Fully Automated So You Can Harness (Not Manage) Data

Trade in manual management andmaintenance for automations that enable you to easily operate at scale, optimize costs, and minimize downtime. Snowflake’s platform is fully managed to support effortless data management, security, governance, availability and data resiliency―reducing risk and improving your operational efficiency.

Collaborate, Globally and Securely

Say goodbye to ETL and data silos. Easily and securely access and share a single copy of your data across your departments, business units, and subsidiaries; with your supply chain and other business ecosystem partners; and with thousands of organisations that comprise the Data Cloud. Seamlessly connect cross-cloud and cross-region and enable global governance policies that follow the data.

One Platform, Many Workloads, No Data Silos


Explore Other Workloads


Eliminate data silos and instantly and securely share governed data across your organization, and beyond

Data Engineering

Build simple, reliable data pipelines in the language of your choice.


Remove data silos and enable robust analytics to achieve better security outcomes.

Data Science & ML

Accelerate your workflow with near-unlimited access to data and data processing power


Simplify developing data-intensive applications that scale cost-effectively and consistently to deliver fast analytics.

Data Warehouse

Unify and analyze data with near-unlimited power, flexibility, and concurrency.

Data Lake

Improve data access, performance, and security with a modern data lake strategy.


Have the power to work with transactional and analytical data from a single platform.

The Layers Of Snowflake’s Platform


Intelligent Infrastructure

Elastic Performance Engine