Transform your Finance & Audit practice

with the Power of Automation

30 April 2024, Tuesday | 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Importance of Automation in Finance & Audit

Automation is crucial for organizations in finance and audit to maintain error-free financial data, preventing potential losses such as erroneous transactions or overpayments. Even a single mistake can lead to significant consequences, including regulatory scrutiny.


Professionals specializing in finance and audit automation are highly encouraged to participate in this session. you’ll not only have the chance to deepen your knowledge but also to actively address common challenges in the field. Join us to remain at the forefront of process automation advancements and elevate your professional expertise.

  • Minimizing manual data entry and associated human errors

  • Speeding up financial & Audit data processing

  • Facilitating seamless decision-making with reliable, error-free reports

  • Enhancing compliance with regulations”


  • Understanding process automation in Finance and Audit
  • Gain insights to the real-world experience, lessons learned and  examples of organizations implementing automation in finance and audit.
  • Demo & key considerations for successful process automation implementation

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