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For Data Arcade Tournament – 2024

SIFT Analytics Group is a partner and bulk tender provider for Qlik


In partnership with Qlik, we would like to invite officers in the Singapore Public Service to participate in a test drive session where you will learn to visualise data, create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards to explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights through Qlik.

Basic Test Drive - Registration for 14 May 2024

Venue: Qlik’s Training Room  l  Time:  2:00 – 4:30 PM

Who Should Attend?
New to Qlik Sense / Analytics

What can you expect?

Experience the power of Qlik with our Basic Test Drive session, where you will learn to visualize data, create personalized reports, build dynamic dashboards, and uncover profound insights within vast datasets.

Gain an understanding of how associative, in-memory analysis is currently driving the change in          Business Intelligence market


See the power of visualization and how it enables your organization to make faster, smarter decisions


Construct a functional dashboard application


Learn how to navigate your application and present it to your colleagues




Qlik Talend Data Integration Workshop - 23 April 2024

Venue: Qlik’s Training Room  l  Time:  2:00 – 4:30 PM

Who Should Attend

Data Integration Engineer / Familiar with data integration

What can you expect?


Qlik Talend Data Integration is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate the real-time movement of data across various systems, applications, and sources within an organization.  Through Change Data Capture (CDC), it enables businesses to efficiently manage their data pipelines, ensuring that data flows smoothly and accurately throughout the entire data lifecycle.



Key features of Qlik Talend Data Integration include:



Data ingestion: The platform allows users to efficiently ingest data from a wide range of sources, including databases and cloud applications.



Data delivery: The platform supports various methods for delivering data to target systems, including databases, data warehouses, streaming targets, and cloud applications.



Real-time data integration: Qlik Talend Data Integration supports real-time data integration and streaming analytics, enabling organizations to process and analyze data as it is generated, providing timely insights and actionable intelligence.



Advanced Test Drive (AutoML) - Date to be announced later

Venue: Qlik’s Training Room  

Who Should Attend

Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

Qlik AutoML


AutoML (short for automated machine learning) refers to the tools and processes that streamline the building, training, deployment, and serving of custom machine learning models. With Qlik AutoML, you will get to utilize the best algorithms to generate machine-learning models effortlessly. Simply select a target field in your dataset and let Qlik AutoML do the rest.


Quickly apply machine learning across your organization


Focus effort on higher impact work


Improve business performance



Advanced Test Drive (Advanced Visualization) - Date to be announced later

Venue: Qlik’s Training Room  

Advanced Test Drive (Advanced Visualization)

Venue: Qlik’s Training Room

Who Should Attend

Data Analyst/ Data Scientist

Advanced Visualization 


This advanced session is tailored for data analysts and data scientists seeking to deepen their understanding and mastery of advanced visualization techniques within the Qlik platform. With its modern architecture and comprehensive capabilities, Qlik enables a whole new range of possibilities, leading the way for a new generation of data analytics technologies.


Use the Insight Advisor to generate visualizations


Using visualization extensions


Advanced Qlik functions, Pareto (ABC), Basket, etc.



Geospatial Analytics Training (For Specific Agencies)

Venue: Qlik’s Training Room  

Who Should Attend

Some working experience with Qlik Sense / Analytics Tools

For more information, please email to

What can you expect?


Qlik GeoAnalytics lets you make better location-related decisions by offering powerful mapping and location-based analytics. Easily add maps to your applications with automatic geodata lookup and then overlay them with different visualizations. Gain new perspective beyond what you see in tables and charts with built-in support for a broad range of GeoAnalytic use cases. 

Key features of Qlik GeoAnalytics include:

Dive into the world of Geospatial analytics


Discover how to work with Geo Layers in Qlik Sense


Learn quick geospatial operations to uncover location-based insights



Who Should Attend

DAT / DATx Participants

Date & Registration to be announced later

What can you expect?


Coaching session, for the participants to learn from the ‘real’ expert

Individual Teams Application Reviews (~ 30 min slots)

Guidance on any fixes and suggest the best practices

Help the team to spruce up their dashboards before submission


Date & Registration to be announced later

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