Close the gap between data and insights with real-time, Active Intelligence.

The next era of BI – Optimize every moment with informed action

Industry leader Qlik’s end-to-end data integration and analytics cloud platform enables business to explore data and discover the insights that answer your agile business needs. Making it simple to allow your team to share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

Data Integration


Data Movement & Streaming

Accelerate data replication, ingestion and streaming across various heterogeneous databases, mainframe, SAP and SaaS applications. Real time change data capture delivers to popular cloud platforms for downstream analytics.

Data Warehouse Automation

Automate the design and generation of ETL code as well as ongoing updates – all while leveraging best practices. This dramatically reduces the time, cost and risk to deliver on the promise of an agile cloud data warehouse.

Data Transformation

Convert, join, enrich, consolidate and standardize data from heterogeneous formats or structures using a modern, push-down ELT approach.

Application Automation

Our no-code cloud-native service easily automates and streamlines workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Sense to prompt action from insights.

Visualization & Dashboards

Qlik’s best-in-class visualization and discovery experience is backed by the unmatched speed and flexibility of our Analytics Engine. Qlik offers the best dashboards on the market, with full interactivity and support for guided discovery, free-form exploration and search.

Augmented Analytics & AutoML

Harness AI to assist with all aspects of your analytics journey, enabling more people to reach their full potential with data. Across the complete analytics life-cycle, take advantage of AI-generated analyses and insights, natural language interaction, and predictive analytics powered by automated machine learning.

Embedded Analytics

Go beyond the dashboard and put analytics at the point of decision. With a complete set of open APIs, you can embed analytics in operational apps as well as create mashups and external applications. Put analytics insights where immediate action can be taken.

Alerting & Action

Built to drive action based on changing data, intelligent data alerting informs users of any sudden changes or outliers in your data to prompt timely action. Trigger event-driven actions through a visual, low-code environment without human intervention.

Foundational Services

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Associative Engine
  • Catalog & Lineage
  • Reporting & Collaboration
  • Orchestration
  • Governance & Security
  • Developer & API

Foundational Services

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Bring data together from multiple clouds and work within the cloud or clouds of your choice. There is no need to compromise when you have flexible deployment options that protect data location and local governance needs - all while providing unmatched performance and scale.


Qlik Data Integration (QDI)

DataOps for Analytics

Modern data integration delivers real-time, analytics-ready and actionable data to any analytics environment, from Qlik to Tableau, Power BI and beyond

Real-Time Data Streaming (CDC)

Extend enterprise data into live streams to enable modern analytics and microservices with a simple, real-time and universal solution.

Agile Data Warehouse Automation

Quickly design, build, deploy and manage purpose-built cloud data warehouses without manual coding.

Managed Data Lake Creation

Automate complex ingestion and transformation processes to provide continuously updated and analytics-ready data lakes.


Get Started with Qlik Data Integration

A complete solution offering a full range of capabilities to enable DataOps for analytics.

Qlik Cloud Data Integration

Activate your data with market- leading integration & iPaaS capabilities at your service.

Qlik Replicate

Universal data replication and real-time data ingestion

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes & Data Warehouses

Agile data lake and data warehouse automation

Qlik Enterprise Manager

Command center to configure, execute and monitor data pipelines across the enterprise

Qlik Catalog

A secure, enterprise-scale catalog to easily find, prepare and deliver analytics-ready data

Qlik Gold Client

Streamline your SAP test data management and SAP modernization initiatives.

Qlik Application Automation

A no-code cloud service that streamlines workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Cloud

Additional Products

  • Qlik Gold Client for Data Protection
  • Qlik Application Automation for OEMs

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2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

Integrate trusted data for AI and beyond

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Our Champion's Voices

Qlik Data Analytics (QDA)

Qlik Sense | Modern Cloud Analytics

Empower people at all skill levels to make data-driven decisions and take action when it matters most.


Deeper interactivity. Broader context. Lightning fast. No one else compares.

Qlik’s one-of-a-kind Associative technology brings unmatched power to the core of our industry-leading analytics experience. Empower all your users to explore freely at the speed of thought with hyperfast calculations, always in context, at scale.



Drive data literacy with augmented analytics

Qlik Sense uses AI to help your users understand and use data more effectively, minimizing cognitive bias, amplifying discovery, and elevating data literacy. Get analytics with a full range of augmented capabilities:


Go from passive to active analytics

Organizations need a dynamic relationship with information that reflects the current moment. Traditional, passive BI falls short. Qlik combines a real-time data pipeline with action-oriented analytics capabilities, creating Active Intelligence that provides in-the- moment insights and drives immediate action via intelligent alerting, powerful collaboration, mobile and embedded analytics, and automated triggering of actions.



High performance SaaS and hybrid cloud platform

Get unmatched analytics performance and flexibility with Qlik Sense on Qlik Cloud. Deploy a full enterprise SaaS solution or use Qlik Forts™, the only hybrid service that extends SaaS analytics to wherever your data resides. 

Qlik allows full control of your data and analytics, supporting any combination of public cloud, private cloud, and on-premises sites.

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