Strategy, Planning & Implementation

Optimize your supply chain planning and effectively tackle procurement challenges.

Companies insisting on sticking to outdated procurement methods, which lack data-driven insights and visibility in their supply chain, have a higher risk of overspending and operating an ineffective supply chain.


Discover how the Alteryx Procurement Analytics solution can assist your organization in enhancing procurement process visibility, reducing spending, and mitigating risks in the supply chain.

Procurement Challenges

Measuring Procurement Contribution

Assessing the impact of procurement on the bottom line and overall profitability is a challenge.

Cost of Goods Sold Control

Controlling raw material costs is crucial, involving factors such as timing, product quality, and supplier relationships.

Tool Limitations

Procurement managers face limitations with tools like spreadsheets and spend-analysis software, struggling to extract valuable insights from relevant data sources.

Alteryx Procurement Analytics Solutions

Expanded Analytical Scope

Enable procurement managers to move beyond traditional spend analysis, encompassing areas like cost modeling, supplier risk/performance, and market intelligence.

Comprehensive Data Integration

By collecting data from diverse sources, procurement managers create a holistic view of material procurement, aiding in cost control and supply chain risk mitigation.

Long-Term Value

Identify cost-saving opportunities, opening new markets, and optimizing supply chain processes through predictive analytics tools.

Benefits At a Glance

Efficiency Gains

Assess vendor quality and maximize your spend.

Customer Experience

Ensure end product meets demand and serves customers’ needs.

Risk Reduction

Make confident procurement decisions to minimize costs while meeting demand in a constantly disrupted supply chain.

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